The Regional Children’s Specialized in Olsztyn

The Regional Children’s Specialized in Olsztyn has been a leading medical institution treating children in the northeast of Poland for over forty years. We offer medical services for children and youth, from infancy to the 18th year of age, in teh scope of diagnostics, hospitalization, therapeutic rehabilitation and outpatient specialized care. When continuation of treatment is necessary in our hospital, we take care of our patients until their 25th year of age. A part of our offer is also addressed to adult patients. It regards primarily diagnostic examination, specialist consultation and therapeutic rehabilitation.

The hospital has 14 departments and over 30 specialty clinics. Every year we hospitalize about 20 000 patients, providing a quarter million specialist consultations and rehabilitation procedures. One of our strength’s is a possibility to offer comprehensice medical care to patients based on educated and experienced medical personnel and extensive facilities, starting from emergency medicine, intensive care, through operating wards, departments involved in preventive treatment, to clinics and diagnostic centres. Some of our services include comprehensive care offered to newborns (including premature babies) and infants based on genetic consulting, the Department of Clinical Pathology and Congenital Defects of Newborns and Infants (a highest-standard tertiary referral center), intensive nonatal care, sugery of newborns and premature babies, outpatient consultation, and rehablitation.

Another department, with is a nationwide leader, is teh Clinical Department of Pediatric Surgery, known for its surgeries of congenital defects performed on newborns and infants (3rd place in Poland as regards the number of such procedures). The Department promotes the use of minimally invasive laproscopic method, training also specialists from other centers in this procedure. Our Trauma and Orthopedics Department is known for performing complex surgeries of spinal disorders. In other departments of the hospital we treat cancer diseases (prilarily children with diagnosed leukemia and Hodgkin’s lymphoma), kidney disorders, diabetes, rheumatologic, diseases, cardiology and neurology disorders (including epilepsy), alimentary tract disorders, infectious diseases, eye diseases (e.g. retinopathy of prematurity), and otolaryngology. We are also involved in diagnostics and inpatient treatment of patients with endocrinological disorders. We have a center involved in treatment of congenital defects of the face, including cleft lip and palate. Our state-of-the-art. Rehablitation center helps our patients to regain full strenght.

The effects of our work are recognized by independent experts. The hospital, as one of teh first in the county, was certified by the Quality Minitoring Center in Health Care (1997) and has maintained this accreditation, in 2007, we were awarded with the quality management system certificate in accordance with international standard ISO 9001.